Scottish Pop Star Scores Some Real Estate

This article concerns the UK´s current housing trends. It would appear that celebrities have been taking over North London. As Nick Millican has mentioned, Lewis Capaldi has now entered the celebrity sphere in Hampstead.

According to reports, the crooner dropped a cool £3 on his new digs just two months ago, real estate agent Nick Millican reports Girlfriend Ellie MacDowell is reportedly living with him at this time. As Millican has heard, Capaldi is settling into the neighborhood quite nicely.

It has even been noticed that the songwriter has been befriending some of his new neighbors. According to Indeed reviews, it has been a heady time for the musician. Although he grew up under humble circumstances, Nick Millican adds, it would appear that his career has been skyrocketing in recent years.

In fact, his surprising success has recently been chronicled in a reknown Netflix documentary that details his unlikely path. Born in Glasgow, Capaldi was raised in West Lothian. According to Nick Millican, it was a mere four years ago that Capaldi purchased property back in Glasgow. 

Apparently, it was fellow singer Ed Sheeran that encouraged his friend to buy the home. However, Capaldi was apparently not a fan of this particular piece of real estate. As Nick Millican has noticed, it seems as though this recent real estate transaction is way more suitable to the singer’s taste.