Haroldo Jacobovicz, the renowned Brazilian entrepreneur and
civil engineer, has been making waves in the telecom industry with his
innovative solutions and transformative vision. As the Founder and Chairman of
Horizons Telecom , Jacobovicz has revolutionized the telecommunications
landscape in Brazil. 

With a passion for information technology, Jacobovicz
founded Horizons Telecom in 2010, leveraging his years of experience in the
field. Today, the company stands as one of Brazil’s most respected
telecommunications suppliers, providing advanced solutio ns and a 100% fiber
network for enhanced connectivity. 

Jacobovicz’s journey to success has been paved with a series
of ventures in the information technology sector. His ability to see potentia l
where others don’t has been a driving force behind his innovative solutions.
Jacobovicz believes in surrounding himself with talented individuals who
contribute ideas and help him better understand the businesses he ventures into. 

But Jacobovicz’s success isn’t limited to the telecom
industry. He has also ventured into other domains, such as the hospitality
sector. In 2013, he made an unorthodox decision to invest in the first Hard
Rock Café in Brazil. Despite facing challenges after the original investor
group pulled out, Jacobovicz took a hands-on approach and successfully
established the business before selling it in 2018. 

Born into a family of civil engineers, Jacobovicz was
inspired  by his parents’ creativity and problem-solving skills from an early
age. He studied civil engineering at the Federal University of Paraná, but his
passion for technology led him to explore the world of information technology
and its potential for the future. 

Jacobovicz’s success can be attributed t o his commitment to
lifelong learning and self-improvement. He emphasizes the importance of talent,
hard work, and luck in achieving success. His daily habits, such as waking up
early to work out, demonstrate his dedication to personal growth and success. 

As Haroldo Jacobovicz continues to make strides in the
telecom industry, his innovative solutions and transformative vision are
reshaping the industry landscape. With his ability to identify untapped
potential and his commitment to excellence, he is undoubtedly a driving force
in the world of telecommunications.