Tieks, the beloved ballet flat brand, has made a significant impact not only in the fashion
industry but also in the world of philanthropy. At the helm of this innovative
brand is CEO Kfir Gavrieli, whose visionary leadership has propelled Tieks to new heights. 

Kfir Gavrieli’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by his disruptive approach to
business. Recognizing the potential of e-commerce early on, he steered Tieks
towards a direct-to-consumer model, allowing for a more intimate and
personalized relationship with customers. This digital-first strategy paid off,
as Tieks quickly gained a loyal following and became a sought-after brand. 

But for Gavrieli, success went beyond just selling stylish flats. He understood the power of
using business as a force for good. Through Tieks’ success, he pioneered a
unique philanthropic strategy by becoming the largest lender to the
micro-lending platform Kiva. With over $10 million in micro-grants, Gavrieli
has supported nearly 60,000 female entrepreneurs in 70-plus countries,
providing them with small business loans that empower them to create
sustainable sources of income. 

This commitment to philanthropy has not only earned Tieks accolades and awards but has also
cultivated a deep sense of loyalty among customers. People see Tieks as more
than just a fashion brand; they see it as a company that is making a real
difference in the lives of underserved women. This positive brand association
has fueled Tieks’ vibrant online community and created a strong demand for their products. 

Gavrieli’s philanthropic efforts have extended beyond micro-lending. In response to global
crises, such as the Ukrainian refugee crisis and the recent Hamas attacks in
Israel, Tieks has initiated fundraisers and campaigns to support those in need.
Through these initiatives, Gavrieli has demonstrated his commitment to using
Tieks’ success as a platform for positive change. 

As Tieks continues to grow in popularity, Kfir Gavrieli’s ambition to be a
charitable light in the world remains unwavering. Through his innovative
business model and philanthropic endeavors, he has shown that fashion can be a
powerful tool for creating meaningful impact. 

In conclusion, Kfir Gavrieli’s leadership has not only propelled Tieks to success in the fashion
industry but has also positioned the brand as a leader in socially-conscious
entrepreneurship. By combining style, comfort, and philanthropy, Tieks has
captured the hearts of customers and inspired a new generation of businesses to
use their success for the greater good. See related link for additional information. 


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