In the tapestry of Oklahoma’s legal landscape, one name stands out as a symbol of unwavering dedication and legal excellence: Mike Hunter. Widely regarded as a leading lawyer in the Sooner State, his  career is defined by his tireless advocacy for justice and his commitment to the betterment of society. Hunter’s journey into the legal realm began with a strong academic foundation, earning degrees from Oklahoma State University and the prestigious University of Oklahoma College of Law.

He was also accredited by the American Bar Association. Armed with a profound understanding of legal principles, he embarked on a career path characterized by integrity, diligence, and a passion for advocacy. Throughout his tenure, attorney general Mike Hunter has navigated complex legal landscapes with skill and determination. As the First Assistant Attorney General and Special Legal Counsel, he played a pivotal role in addressing pressing issues such as the opioid crisis, securing substantial settlements from Big Pharma to provide relief to affected communities.

His advocacy for victims of personal injury claims and his unwavering defense of constitutional rights have earned him widespread acclaim as a champion of justice. His commitment to public service extends beyond his role in the Attorney General’s office. Mike Hunter has served Oklahoma with distinction in various capacities, including as the Secretary of State and as a member of the State Board of Education.

Mike Hunter´s contributions to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission have been instrumental in promoting transparency and accountability in government. In addition to his professional endeavors, he  is actively involved in organizations such as the Republican National Lawyers Association and the National Security Committee, where he continues to advocate for transformative policies and the interests of Oklahomans.

His unwavering dedication to advocacy, coupled with his steadfast adherence to ethical standards, sets him apart as a beacon of legal excellence. In conclusion, Mike Hunter’s illustrious career exemplifies the highest ideals of legal excellence and public service. His unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law, coupled with his unparalleled legal acumen, has made him a respected figure in Oklahoma’s legal community and a tireless advocate for the rights of all citizens.