For Margarita Howard, the journey towards establishing HX5 as a leading prime contractor in a
highly competitive market has been one of determination and strategic vision.  

Since its inception in 2004, HX5 has earned a trusted reputation for providing professional mission support
services to federal space and defense government agencies. 

As a first-generation American and a veteran woman-owned small business owner,
Howard recognized the socioeconomic set-aside opportunities for businesses like
hers. However, she had a greater vision in mind. She didn’t want HX5 to solely
rely on sole-source awards from the Small Business Administration (SBA).
Instead, Howard aimed to build a company that could compete and thrive independently. 

To achieve this, Margarita Howard strategically invested in smart infrastructure early
on. HX5 implemented an industry-recognized accounting system that was
government-approved for companies doing business with the government. This
investment paid off, as it made HX5 an attractive partner for large businesses
seeking to meet their small business goals in government contracts. 

However, Howard’s success is not solely attributed to infrastructure investments. She understands
the importance of building a strong team. HX5 boasts a highly dedicated and
experienced management team, with many employees having been with the company
for a decade or more. Howard acknowledges that their collective efforts have
been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. 

In a male-dominated industry, Margarita Howard has faced unique challenges. However, she has navigated biases and
established her credibility through her competencies and professional demeanor.
With a commitment to diversity, Howard has promoted women to leadership roles
within HX5, creating a management team where the majority are women. 

As the prime government contracting landscape evolves, Margarita Howard’s strategic approach
and adaptability have positioned HX5 for continued success. She recognizes the
importance of understanding the industry, building a strong team, and meeting
all the obligations and requirements that come with government contracting. 

Margarita Howard’s journey with HX5 is a testament to her resilience, leadership, and commitment
to excellence. With her visionary mindset and dedicated team, HX5 continues to
stand out as a prime contractor in a competitive market. 

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