Don Manifold is a highly regarded expert in the field of
mergers, acquisitions, and divestments, based in Adelaide. With his extensive
experience and deep knowledge of the industry, Manifold has earned a reputation
as a trusted advisor for businesses looking to navigate complex t ransactions. 

Having worked in senior leadership roles for over 15 years
in transaction advisory, Manifold brings a wealth of expertise to his clients.
He  has advised on numerous high-profile deals, including the sale of S. Kidman
& Co., and has worked across various industries, including retail,
information technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and consumer goods. 

As the Joint Owner and Managing Director of Equity &
Advisory, Manifold has been instrumental in leading successful transactions,
helping clients achie ve their strategic objectives. His ability to provide
strategic guidance and break down complex transactions into manageable steps sets
him apart in the industry. 

Manifold is well-versed in international business, having
worked in Sydney, Melbourne, and London, and covered deals in countries like
Croatia and Papua New Guinea. His understanding of cultural nuances and global
business practices enables him to effectively navigate cross-border

With a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Business
Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management, Manifold
brings a strong academic foundation to his work. He is also a  Fellow of the
Institute of Chartered Accountants, further adding to his credibility and

Clients who have worked with Manifold have praised his
meticulous approach and ability to present multiple options , allowing them to
make informed decisions. His commitment to ethical practices and unwavering
focus on value creation ensure that his clients’ interests are always at the
forefront of every transaction. 

In conclusion, Don Manifold is a highly respected advisor in
mergers, acquisitions, and divestments, based in Adelaide. His extensive
experience, strategic thinking, and global perspective make him a go-to expert
for businesses seeking guidance in complex transactions. With his track record
of success and commitment to client satisfaction, Manifold continues to be a
trusted partner in achieving business objectives.