Diogo Corona is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Smart
Fit, and he is the Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) of Total Pass. He is the
subject of a profile posted on Medium but originally run on Principal Post. It
provides general biographical information along with answers to questions
submitted to Corona. 


Corona is a resident of Brazil and is not only fluent in
Portuguese but also Spanish and English. Under hobbies, he lists skiing
although he admits he may only participate once a year. That may be due to his
work schedule as he lists under travel a trip to Spain which was related to


He lists under a personality profile two words: analytical
and methodic
. When questioned about one word a close friend would use to
describe Diogo Corona, the answer was analytical. 


His preferred workout is high-intensity training. It is way
of relieving stress as a result of his high-profile occupations . The training
involves either specially designed exercises or fast paced sprints on a
treadmill. All part of the 35-year-old exercise routine. 


When Corona wants to know what is happening in the world, he
reaches out to the Google App. It provides him with the information he is
seeking. On the flip side, he worries about the effect of artificial
intelligence (AI)
, which he acknowledges is something most everyone is
concerned about. 

Corona and Smart Fit at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6BHoU3To4E  

He is excited to see more people involved in physical
activity which directly ties into his business of Smart Fit . Diogo Corona also
worries about the prevalence of inequality  and its effects in the world. This
is an area he would like to see some progress being made in lessening its

Diogo Corona always wanted to be an
entrepreneur, and he is living the dream with his company. He wants to make
people happy and has no regrets about his life.